#1. Le Dahu Pizza. (The Seven Best Things I Ate on the Haute Route)


1. Le Dahu Pizza, Verbier, Switzerland. A local told us we'd be hiking past a restaurant which purportedly had the third best pizza chef in the world. In my view we had no choice but to stop. It was our culinary duty after all. Accessible only by an expensive ski lift or a long hike up from Verbier, Le Dahu still manages to maintain a brisk business at lunch time. And this was the off-season.

Maybe I was swayed by the stunning views from the patio. Perhaps it was the insane amount of elevation we'd walked up to get up there. It very certainly had something to do with the truffle oil. But with each bite I took I would have sworn to you that calling Le Dahu the third best pizza in the world was selling it way short.

Truffle oil, prosciutto, buffala mozzarella, parmesan, arugula. Amazing.

Le Dahu Restaurant. near Tortin, 1997 Bagnes, Switzerland




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