Travel As a Creative Act

Views on the Hospitales Route, Camino Primitivo, October 2017

Views on the Hospitales Route, Camino Primitivo, October 2017

Pilgrims are poets who create by taking journeys.
— Richard Niebuhr

What if each journey is a poem?


What happens when a person views traveling as a creative act? Approached in this way travel can be more than simply moving from point to point, more than siteseeing, more than a series of events to photograph or experiences to consume.  



To step into a journey of this sort is to step into the flow of a great river of energy. It is to begin to walk a narrow path into the heart of the infinite world. Each journey we embark on is unrepeatable, totally unique, never to be lived again in quite the same way.



This is because the timing of your journey, the people you will encounter, and the ones you leave behind are all entirely unique. So too are the inner realities you bring along at this particular time in your life.



Each small decision you make will echo through the rest of your journey. Strange as it may be, whichever particular day you begin your trip will affect who meet along the way. Or a seemingly random decision to stop for coffee connects you to a new friend who will deeply impact your journey.



These decisions and thousands like them mean our journeys do not passively happen to us, we construct them as a artist lays down paint layer by layer, or a poet builds a poem verse by verse.



Whatever fears, hopes, longings, shortcomings and strengths you possess at this particular point in time are now along for the ride. These too shape the journey. Should you again someday repeat the journey by visiting the exact same places--and by some metaphysical trick manage to encounter the exact same people--your journey will be entirely different as your inner landscape will have inevitably changed.



In this sense every journey is a once in a lifetime journey and every moment in our lives a pilgrim’s walk further into the life we are co-creating with the Divine.