She Who Hesitates is Lost: How Prioritizing Your Travel Saves You Money

One of the most frequent questions I get is “How do you manage to travel so much?” Many—I assume—think I have some mysterious pile of cash.

I assure you this is not the case.

Instead, my general method is rather unglamorous:

 I work,

I save,

I look for great deals (more on this later),

I accrue and use miles as much as possible (mostly with the judicious use of meeting credit card bonuses),

I know where I want to go next,

I’m not afraid to leap when I see a great deal—and quickly.

I’ve found it helps me to have a list going of the places I want to go next. These are my high priority spots for the coming year or so of travel—everything from a trip home to visit family, returning to a city that’s an old favorite, or the next country I’ve never been to but reeeeeaaaaaalllly want to go!

I write these on a notecard and place it on my desk at home. This helps me keep these spots in my mind and allows me to prioritize them as schedule or inclination warrants.

The adage, “She who hesitates is lost” definitely applies to crazy cheap airfare sales. The very best deals are around for only a matter of hours.

Having my travel prioritized is key. When I see a good deal to one of these spots on my list, I don’t have to think twice—I just book it since I already know I want to go! (It also helps me move past great deals to places I don’t want to go at the moment.)

What’s on your list?

Is there anything you’ve found that helps you plan or prioritize your travels?

Ryan Moore