Spicy Wings, an Atmospheric Bar, & Korean BBQ: Three Great Restaurants to Try in Koreatown, Los Angeles

This past weekend I had the chance to do some fun exploring of Koreatown in Los Angeles while visting my good friend Don.

I did a decent amount of research on where to go, so I figured I'd pass on the info to you my Dear Readers.

Apparently the food scene in Koreatown is really good these days, rivaling the quality of what you can find in Korea. While of course paling in the comparison to Korea in terms of scale, I was excited to see so many great looking restaurants packed with eager eaters. 

If you ever find yourself in Koreatown in L.A. these three are worth seeking out. 



1. We started the night at OB Bear, a bar known for their spicy chicken wings. The beer selection on draft was a bit limited, but I liked the casual divebar vibes with a distincly korean spin. It being the world series, baseball was playing on every screen in the place, but it felt more fun than annoying, evern for a non-fan like me.

The wings were top notch, crispy and slathered in any amazing sauce!  Their spice level wasn't overwhelming, just enough to complement the sweet glaze.The side of cabbage with dressing that helped cut the heat, along with cubes of raddish in a sweet vinegar. A very successfull first stop of the night!


2. A fifteen minute walk brought us to our next stop Dan Sung Sa. I loved the atmoshere at this bar and it wins the award for the one spot I’d return to if I could only pick one of these three!

Smoke from the open grill provided a bit of a atmospheric haze to the air and the rough hewn wooden interior was chock full of little nooks to hide out in and talk and drink.  We opted for a bottle of soju, a few small bites, and more great conversation.


3. By this time it was midnight and we took aim at one last stop for the night. What visit to Koreatown is complete without some BBQ? We headed for Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong, a popular spot just a couple blocks down.

Even at midnight we waited ten mintes to be seated, which I took as a good sign about the quality of the meal to be had. (Be prepared to wait closer to an hour during peak times.)

The meats were high quality and the sides great. Our server cooked the meet on the grill in front of us and even brought us a free bottle of beer—so no complaints on the service!  


It was a very enjoyable way to top off the night! The only downside of this place is the cost is a bit higher than other Korean BBQ places I've tried, but the quality probably justified it.

In summary, Koreatown was bigger and more interesting than I even expected! There were hundreds of restaurants we couldn't try on this trip, but I have no doubt we will be checking out some more the next time I'm in the L.A. area.

All three of these spots I a give big thumbs up to!

Here's the Google Maps Links:

OB Bear

Dan Sung Sa

Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong