7 Airline Mailing Lists Worthy of Your Inbox

Hopefully, with my previous post, I've inspired you for what’s possible in the world of cheap flights---you really can travel to some great places without breaking the bank!

However, you might still be thinking, “How exactly do I find these great deals?”

Well, it’s time for me to give away one of my BIGGEST secrets for finding cheap flight deals--one you will find shockingly boring I’m sure--but has proven quite useful:


And flight tracking alerts (which are best delivered by email).

Yep, I told you it was boring. Here’s why email (of all things) is a valuable tool for booking cheap flights:

Every airline blasts out emails to announce their sales. If you’re on the list, you get first dibs on seats and the very best prices. If you’re not, you'll be like most people and will book at some random time and pay whatever they’re charging then. 

Typically, these standard sales last one to three days and will be offered on a pretty predicatble pattern. You will be in the know and will start learning these cycles if you sign up for their email lists.

The second type of list are those that specialize in aggregating good deals and blasting them out. See below for a few my favorites. 

I’ve said it before--but I’ll say it again--she who hesitates loses the best flight deals. When the very best deals are posted, you need to be ready to pounce.

The exact airlines lists you’ll want to subscribe to will vary by your home airport and the places you like to go. This will take a bit of trial and error on your end. As an example here are a few of my favorites from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Airline Mailing Lists Worthy of Your Inbox

-Southwest. I use them mostly for domestic travel up and down the west coast, their free cancellation policy and friendly service make their points and their email newsletters essential.

-Norwegian. I’ve used them numerous times to get to/from Europe on cheap and convenient non-stop routes to London, Paris, Barcelona, & Stockholm from Oakland. They fly nice, new Boeing 787 Dreamliners and are often very cheap (just make sure you’re on that email list!)

-Spirit. They aren’t my favorite airline, but if you need to get somewhere cheaply, they run one-day deals that are sometimes so inexpensive that there’s no cheaper way to go (besides redeeming miles).

-RyanAir. If you’re planning a trip in Europe, RyanAir runs aggressive sales for ultra-cheap flights around Europe, sometimes for < $10 USD. Grab them while you can!

Other Lists

Scott’s Cheap Flights. A few times a week you get a breakdown of cheap flights, straight to your inbox.

The Flight Deal. Daily blasts of good deals. Can scan in 5 seconds and move on. 

Secret Flying. They don’t have an email list, but they are constantly updating their feed with good and sometimes fantastic deals on error fares and other sales. Worth checking!


Create Alerts

Lastly, you can use sites like Google Flights and Kayak to set up tracking on search specific routes on specific dates. This is a very helpful skill to learn!


Don’t want to hassle with all this? Hire me and I’ll do it for you.