A Postcard from Nepal, c. 2013


Dear Todd & Holly,                                      November, 2013    

Greetings from Nepal! Today has been one of my favorite days of the Annapurna Circuit thus far. The day started cool and crisp, the smell of woodsmoke hung across the village as I walked out of town, past horses laden with goods and through Buddhist arches marking the entrance/exit to the town. Did I mention the suspension bridge? The trail followed a rushing river, pine trees all around, then ever-increasing glimpses of spectacular, rocky, snow-studded peaks impossibly high above. The sky never looked so blue, the snow so white. It is something to behold that words or pictures can’t fully convey. I’m now seated in a small teahouse where I’m staying the night. There’s a woodstove in the center and I’m at a little bar table that faces the window and the most stupendous view of the mountains you could hope for. I sip tea while I wait for my dinner of rice and curry and veggies. This place is the definition of cozy. Can’t wait to see you guys and tell you more about it over a cold one.