1 & 1/2 Essential Travel Electronics

Love them or hate them, smartphones are a constant travel companion for most of us these days.

Travel enough and it's only a matter of time until your phone battery is at 2% and screaming red while you try to do one of the following before it shuts off, dead and useless. 

  •  Trying to call an Uber right as your phone shuts down and unsure if the ride actually got requested. (When this happened to me I stood on the curb for a few minutes, not sure what to do, and thankfully a car showed up for me.)
  • Frantically searching through emails for the right entry code for the door of your hostel/AirBnB/sleeping host.
  • Squeezing out one last photo just as the phone shuts down. Moment missed!
  • Trying to follow Google Maps to your destination, only to have it shut down before you actually arrive. (Remember paper maps?)
  • Typing out one last text to your new romantic interest as your battery dwindles dangerously low.

Oh the woes of our digital age. 

 I can't help you with your love life or your poor sense of direction, but I can help make sure you aren't stranded with a dead phone ever again. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of mini-external batteries. 

Click through the gallery above for more details.

Here's a recap with links to Amazon: 

Anker Astro E1 Battery Pack. Never get stuck again! I don't leave home without it! It also works great for charging your Kindle

This the "1/2" of the title of this blog post. I love these rugged iPhone cords by Amazon. Ditch those cheap white iPhone cords for this nice inexpensive upgrade. 

Lastly, If you want another option, I liked this battery pack by Jackery until I lost it. It worked great too!