Arrival: We Made it to Santiago!


After walking 325-ish miles over the course of four weeks we made it to Santiago. It was quite the journey. One that none of us will soon forget and one that all of us will continue to ponder and contemplate.

Like most journeys, the people you share it with shape so much of the experience. Friends made along the way have continued to trickle into Santiago over the past days. It has been a joy to reconnect with those we've met a long the way, bumping into people in the street and around town. It's a unique bond, one formed by walking the same path, knowing the same trials and beauties, and sharing the sweetness of arrival at a place long-sought.

As this photo attests, our beards have grown a little thicker and our hair a little longer. After jettisoning unnecessary necessities our packs are a bit lighter. Our feet have grown a good deal tougher. Though the photo can't show it, I can attest that our souls too have grown a little wiser and our hearts a bit larger.