Back In the USA! Gratitude For The Journey of a Lifetime.

First stop, IN-N-OUT

First stop, IN-N-OUT

Back in the USA after 10 months, 20 countries, 4,835,000 steps, 2,332 miles walked, and 260,000 vertical feet climbed!

It was a journey of a lifetime—one I'll never be able to repeat should I travel the rest of my days—for this was a journey from from fear to trust, from despair to hope, from seeing from afar to knowing first hand.

I am ridiculously grateful for this trip and all that's happened. I'm in awe of the astounding beauty of this world—mountains, cities, food—beyond measure or comprehension, and even more so the goodness and diversity of its people.

For the many new friends met along the way, I can't imagine living life having never known you—I'm so, so glad our paths have crossed! For the many old friends and family I had the joy of traveling with, and those who stayed behind—thank you for your precious friendships, without you I truly don't think this journey would have happened were it not for your love and encouragement. And for Christ, so constant in care, so wild in urging me on—with God, towards God.

A deep, deep thank you to all of who who have walked with me through the unknown, traveled with me (whether in person or from afar), cheered for me, prayed for me, advised me, laughed with me, missed me, stayed in touch in every small and big way. An extra big thanks for those of you who generously opened your homes to host me, sharing your homes, cities, and your lives. I don't know how to convey my gratitude to you all except for sharing the joy and gratitude I feel.

To say this journey has been life-changing feels like an understatement—so much has happened in me, so many new horizons opened I never could have imagined. I just hope I can learn to live out and somehow give back all that I've learned along the way.

I've been changed, transformed, opened up, broken up, challenged, restored, inspired, set free. I'm so grateful for the journey so far and I'm so, so excited to see what's next!

Much love to you all.



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