14 Must-Have Travel Apps: Buy Before You Fly.

Here are 14 of the Best Travel Apps I'd never leave home without. Please let me know if you have apps for travel you can't live without! 

14. Been.

A simple way to track the countries you’ve been to and see the result on a map.


13. Rome to Rio.

Shows you a range of options for routes between any two cities—from train to car to airplane to ferry etc.



12. Booking.

A well designed app for booking hotels and hostels. Often has prices a few bucks cheaper than other sites. Also has a nice free cancellation policy. 

11. AirBnB.

Find accommodation at range of price points in cities all over the world. Since you can opt to stay in people’s homes while they're also home, it can be a fun way to meet locals and get good recommendations from them on their cities.


10. Duolingo.

Makes learning a language fun. It’s effective, engaging, and free! Available French, Spanish, German, & Italian.


9. DB Navigator

Leave it to the Germans to develop the best app I know of for looking up train routes and timetables in Europe. I use this to research routes and then I do the actual booking on the country-specific train sites.


 8. DropBox

I load my photos onto my iPad mini using an SD card reader like this. When I have wi-fi I upload the photos to Dropbox. Once backed-up I can delete photos from my iPad as needed to make room for more. Also useful for storing documents and sharing photos.


7. Snapseed

Very useful photo-editing program designed for mobile use.

6. Foursquare

A useful way to find good places in cities near and far. I cross-reference these findings with web searches and guide books to hone in on the best places.


5. Skyscanner.

Indispensable tool for finding cheap airfare.



Easily explore & sync whatever music you'd like for offline use or streaming over wi-fi. Great for travel since you don't have to depend on the music you synced with your computer before you left home.  $10/month gets you unlimited music.


3. Currency.

Elegant design helps you easily convert Thai Bhatt to Euros to Dollars to whatever. Must have!

2. DayOne.

It’s cheaper, lighter, and impossible to lose (thanks to cloud backup) compared to your traditional paper journal. It makes past entries easy to find using  DayOne’s tagging system. It also makes them legible. Plus, I love being able to add photos to entries as well! The design is top notch—it looks great, is fun to use, and syncs across all your devices.


1. Google Maps

I don’t know how I’d get around cities without this app. I use it search and star landmarks and restaurant as I plan my day. While connected to wi-fi I download the public transit or walking directions before I head out. When I'm out exploring I follow along using the GPS and turn by turn directions—even while offline. (You do know the GPS works even while offline right? It's true! And extremely helpful.)


what Apps you’d add to the list? I’d love to hear about them!