"Friend of Jesus" Icon.



At Taizé colorful are icons scattered all around the inside of the large church. They tell little visual stories, providing a focal point for prayers and meditation. They are especially helpful for times when words fail or are in short supply. This icon pictured above is one I've grown particularly fond of.

One thing you might notice is that the faces are much larger and more expressive than most icons; drawing you in with their emotive eyes. Jesus stands on the right, his arm draped over the shoulder of his friend. This small detail is what made me first fall in love with this icon. This gesture feels so tender and human to me. Picturing the arm of Jesus around my shoulder provides a concrete reminder of his affection towards me and rarely fails to comfort.

In this type of art it's usually Jesus who wears white, conveying a sense of holiness and goodness. In this case however, Jesus wears a plain brown robe, while the disciple is the one in white. Curious too is the fact that it is the disciple, not Christ, who extends his right hand in the characteristic peace-sign blessing. To me the message is clear: in the company of Jesus we are made whole and come to posses his inner goodness. The companionship of Jesus is the blessing we receive and then from this we participate with Jesus by extending his blessing to the world.

pray, TaizeRyan Moore