From the Tapas Bar

20130504-165940.jpg One thing I haven't talked about yet is the food on the Camino, which is a shame, because its been great.

Spain is known for its tapas (or pinxos depending on the region). Basically little tasty bites served on a slice of toast ranging from 1-3 euros, and always accompanied by wine. As someone in San Sebastián said, "around here the uglier it is, the tastier." That meant octopus, pig's ear, calamari, mussels, beef cheek. In addition to varieties with cheese, sausage, shrimp, the list goes on.

The idea is to try one or two at a place, have a glass of wine, and wander down the side street to the next place and try another. I can't really think of a better thing to do after a day of walking!