Poem: I Sit On A Speeding Train Traveling Ever Towards You


I sit on a speeding traintraveling ever towards you.

Trees, houses, people rush past, the train rocks from side to side, the woosh of air and wheel upon metal touches my ear, reminding me that time too rushes ever by.

Or am I sitting still and the world flying past?

No, I am rushing towards you. I am a rocket, I am a homing pigeon loosed from its fetter. I am a man in love with you and with this world you've made.

I'm on a track set for the Eternal City, I'm a modern day pilgrim. My deepest dersire To be caught up into your life, To see your goodness and wonder shine like new spun gold from every corner of creation; every eye full of hopeful tears.

So I keep riding this train down these tracks, I keep walking on these feet, down this path, towards you.


poemRyan Moore