Journey to Iona

20130601-100011.jpg A bus, two trains, two ferries, and a small bit of walking.

It's not easy to get to Iona. This is especially true when you miss your flight from Europe and have to buy another last minute flight in to catch your pre-bought train connection and get in late at night. But that's another story for another time.

After finishing the Camino a bit over a week ago, I hopped on plane and spent some time with two good friends touring Amsterdam and then Copenhagen. More stories (and photos) for other times, but suffice to say it involved lots of bike riding, coffee drinking, and frites eating.

Today the journey continues! I'm excited and expectant to see what unfolds during my week in Iona. I'm relishing the feeling of traveling towards a place I've long hoped to visit and now find coming towards me quite quickly. It feels a bit like going to meet some long lost relative for the first time.

Who knows what will unfold? All I know is that I'm going. And I'm on the lookout to see what God is up to.