My First Himalayan Trek!


In only a few minutes time I'm heading out on my first-ever Himalayan Trek! I'm going with some friends I met back in Switzerland, who live here in Katmandu. They have two small kids, who they're taking by child backpacks (along with the help of a porter, one of the benefits of hiking in Nepal!). It promises to be a beautiful, but relatively easy hike. We'll only be sleeping at around 10,000 feet. I'm seeing this trip as a chance to hang with friends while acclimatizing and getting in shape for the longer and more difficult Annapurna Trek I'll do when I return.

One last thing, the region we're heading to is supposed to be prime Yeti territory. I'll see if I can grab a picture!

Here's a bit of info on the Langtang Region where we're headed now.

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