My Mettelhorn Summit (And Upcoming Blog Preview)


The past few days I've spent resting up in Zermatt after completing the Haute Route. These legs were tired! I've been camping at the in-city campground and have met some really wonderful people which I'll have tell you about on a later post. Speaking of later posts, stay tuned for lots more upcoming from the Haute Route including: -Top 6 Things I Ate (And You Shouldn't Miss) on the Haute Route. -Some Thoughts on Why I Love Mountains. -Photoset #2. -What I Wish I Knew Before I Walked the Haute Route. -A Stranger Named Kindness.

Until then, here's a bit from my recent summit of The Mettelhorn, one of the highest non-technical peaks in the Zermatt area.

I awoke to a clear sky full of stars and the smallest hint of the coming sunrise. An early start was necessary due to the estimated six hour climb, rising almost 6,000 feet in the process. I made it to the top in under four hours. Yes, I'm bragging. By day's end I'd climbed almost 7,000 feet, possibly my biggest day of climbing ever!

The view was worth every step.








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