Our Golden Scars


I can't help but wonder if you saw this coming. Did you know one day I'd stand before you shattered yet wholly human? When did you baptize these scars, turning them gold as I hit the water? Up I came again gasping for breath. I'd been transfigured unknowingly, my arms covered in golden streaks of thin, raised scar tissue. My back and thighs and neck a lacework of gold and sliver. I pulsed with new life. I would not hide these scars even were it possible. They are a record of memory, struggle, and triumph. Why do we try to hide what can never be hidden?

Don't you know you're beautiful? Even in your brokenness, yes. Don't you know the further you stretch up into God, the more you'll tingle with life? The sap, long frozen within you will thaw. You'll feel a warming Presence. You'll come to know again and again how you were meant to live, all you were meant to be.

Ryan Moore