Pilgrimage Consulting Launch!


As I set out all those months ago, one of the primary things I hoped for was a clearer sense of direction and excitement concerning work. I'm grateful to say this prayer has been answered—and strongly. The flood gates have been opened. I'm now excited about so many things that my major task is picking which ones to focus on first!

Pilgrimage Consulting is a chance for me to play and have fun—but I'm also entirely serious. My main goal is to be of use, inspiring people to explore this crazy beautiful world we find ourselves in—while walking towards the person God has made them to be. In other words I'm taking what I uniquely love and pouring it out just for the joy of it. This is the best sort of work, no?

So without further ado, here are some things I'm "consulting on" right now. (See bottom of page for the list of cities I'll be in soon.)

1. Travel Hacking 2. The Camino de Santiago 3. Taizé 4. Trekking/Hiking 5. City Food (and More!) Guides 6. Referral for Therapy & Spiritual Direction 7. Pilgrimage as a Transformational Journey

1. Travel Hacking. Did you know I was able to make it around the world on 100,000 frequent flyer miles (All of which I got from credit card bonuses) and $700 in purchased tickets + some train/bus tickets? Few things get me as excited as hopping on a plane (or train) towards some unexplored city. So if you're looking to head out on a trip, I have some tips that will help get you there!

2. The Camino de Santiago. The Camino is an experience like no other—a very long walk, a spiritual search, a unique travel experience, a food & wine paradise, a slow-moving happy hour, a chance to meet people from around the globe, a deeply personal quest for what matters in life—often all of the above. Let's talk gear, weather, pace, motivation, cost, spiritual aspects, or just swap stories. Whatever your interest—bring it on!

3. Taizé. During the weekend of March 21-23 thousands of people from around the world will descend on Austin, Texas to experience Taizé and the eclectic, fun mix of people it draws. I'm going. Here are 10 reasons you should consider going too. If you have a question about this, I'd love to talk!

4. Trekking/Hiking/Long, Long Walks. I can tell you of hikes containing beauty enough you could stare for a lifetime and never exhaust it. I can also tell you what shoes to wear to get you there. Need motivation, inspiration, planning, or help choosing between options? Let's talk.

5. City Food (and More!) Guides. Anyone who has followed my blog or hung out with me for more than 10 minutes knows I love food and exploring whatever place I find myself in. I'm like a travel bloodhound with a nose for good coffee, tasty beer, places with views, bookstores, spicy food, markets, art, etc, etc. If it's good and unique, I want to find it—and I usually do. You're in luck because I also love to share. So if you're heading to a city I've been to, I'd get satisfaction from pointing you in some good (i.e. tasty) directions. My expertise is the West Coast of the U.S.A. but I've got opinions (and good ones I think!) on all the places I've been.

6. Referral for Therapy and Spiritual Direction. In my previous job I networked extensively with therapists on the West Coast. I'm also trained as a therapist through The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. In addition, I have access to a network of excellent spiritual directors through the Renovaré Institute.

I personally have found both therapy and spiritual direction incredibly helpful, and having been in both, I understand the differences and can help advise on which to pursue. I can point you towards people I know and trust, not just a random person off the internet. I can also help you with why and when to pursue these options.

7. Pilgrimage as a Transformational Journey. I saved the best for last—here's something I love even more than good food, mountains, travel, or hiking (It must be a big deal, right?!?).

Travel has the potential to stretch you, confound you, and bring you face to face with your deepest fears and most deeply held hopes. A good journey is filled with risk, rest, new cultures, new friends, new tastes, new perspectives—and a challenge to ways of living that confine us to less than our true potential. Slowly, that small, tiny voice (which never dies) can be heard reminding you that you have value, a story to live, and were made to count in ways no one else can.

Therefore travel, if approached in a particular way, can be an avenue to profound inner change—and inner change, in my view, is a doorway into the Life of God and the life you were meant to live.

I literally cannot tell you how profound and transformational this last year of travel/pilgrimage has been for me. There are just too many great stories, too many great people, and too many great places. But I would love to try. Together, we might even catch the inner movements of pilgrimage you're already experiencing and take some steps (pun intended) towards what's next for you.

If any of this resonates please, please contact me below!