Poem: After A Long Search (The Meaning of Life)


After A Long Search Right now there is an inky sky Filled with countless stars Under this infinite sky There is a field of wildflowers On a lonely mountain slope All of this Seen only by One.

Right now There is a person Who lives in the flow Of the ancient eternal stream Who right now is alive to all that is good and right and just Who weeps at tragedy Who knows first-hand the depths of suffering and sleepless nights Yet is filled with an inexpressible joy, Measureless as the stars or the flowers.

This joy, this Life from beyond Is invisible until it hits our bodies Until we work this love into our lives With each action On each echoing day. After a long search I can tell you: This is the meaning of life.

Right now This person who could live and love With God's life (Wildflower Star-flung Love) while inside any of our lives, Our common, everyday lives

This person Is you.

poemRyan Moore