Poem: The Captain by Ryan Moore


The Captain

by Ryan Moore


One day we'll all look back on this life we've lived

And see with new eyes

This fierce wild Love

We walked through

On our way towards You.


And we'll wonder: What were we so afraid of?

Why could we not shake out the sails,

Hoist up the riggings,

Fly far and fast with abandon?


Like the parable of the man

who buried his money

for fear of the master's rebuke

We will have condemned ourselves


To lives of quiet desperation.


Incapable of anything

but our small lives

of well-worn, tired fears.


When all the while

You've been bounding across the waves,

Sails straining at full-mast,

The sun fiery red on the horizon,

The wind a wild gale.


You stand tall on the prow of the ship,

Water crashing around you,

A crazy Captain

Howling with laughter,

cursing nothing and no one

But Fear

And Death


Your voice rises above the wind

Boundless in its strength—

Urging us on,

Inviting us further,

Daring us to trust


No hint in your eye

Of condemnation,

But clear and wholly free, 

Full of fire

And mirth.