POEM: These Snowdrifts of Our Lives

Muktinath, Nepal || 📷 Ryan Moore

Muktinath, Nepal || 📷 Ryan Moore

These Snowdrifts of Our Lives 

by Ryan Moore


Today I walked above an arid valley weeping

For a woman I do not know.


Yesterday I crossed the highest pass

The one between who I think I should be

And who I am.

(I came down jubilant)


Years ago I fell under the spell of a love

Which has no measure,

That harkens the coming spring

Even in the midst of winter.


Someday the sky will roll back

And we'll all finally know

Why we had to walk through these snowdrifts of our lives.

(our bare legs shaking as we went)


Even now with the good brown earth beneath me

And the endless white mountains before me

I am found by an alive kind of grace

That soothes in the most wonderful kind of way

Even as it burns with its holy heat