Rilke on Pilgrimage

Listen, God, I want very much to be a pilgrim,in order to get to you by a long journey, and in order to to be a large piece of you: you garden of living avenues. When I travel like this, alone as I am - who notices? Who sees me going towards you? Who is seized by it? Who is moved by it, who is turned to you? They go on laughing as if nothing had happened. And then I am glad that I travel as I am; that way none of the laughers can see me.

By day you are a rumour that runs in whispers round all the people; the silence just after the hour has chimed that slowly closes round the sound again.

The more the day bends towards evening, with ever feebler gestures, the more you exist, my God. Your kingdom rises, like smoke from all the rooftops.

-Rilke, Book Two, The Book of Pilgrimage

poem, prayRyan Moore