Scotland Arrival. 16.5 Miles tomorrow! And snow.

Out the plane window the Scottish ground was covered in snow.

Walking around Edinburgh, snow flurries and gusty winds greeted us. Tasty soup and sandwiches from a cafe in a cathedral basement fortified us for the cold. We toured the city for a bit before hopping taking couple train rides into Lanark, Scotland the beginning point of our pilgrimage to Lindsfarne.

We quickly found the church we were looking for and were united with our group of eight kind souls. We are sleeping on the floor in the new wing of an ancient and beautiful church. Over dinner with split up responsibilities for the week. We then had a quick evening liturgy and sang a song from our newly minted song books, "To Be a Pilgrim."

Tomorrow we are set to walk 16.5 miles carrying an eight foot wooden cross amongst the group. For our efforts we are rewarded with the annual stop at a particular pub for fish and chips.


CelticRyan Moore