The Breakfast Line & A Prayer from Brother Roger


20130725-181508.jpgIt's difficult to convey the scale of this place with a picture. This week there are around 3,000 people are here; the vast majority of them in their teens and twenties. The numbers are felt most dramatically during the services when the floor of the sprawling church is crowded with people from all over Europe and the world. It's a wonderful sight to behold as icons, white-robed monks, candles, and rowdy teenagers mingle three times daily.

Photos inside the church are not allowed during services, and frankly, they don't do it justice anyway. Instead, here a glimpse of the breakfast line.

"God of Peace, you love and seek out each one of us even before we loved you. And so we are filled with astonishment to discover you look at each human being with infinite tenderness and deep compassion." -Brother Roger, founder of Taizé

pray, TaizeRyan Moore