The Meaning Movement Manifesto: Read it! Live it!


I just got back from my first-ever trek in the Himalayas. And it was amazing. Really (really) amazing. I promise to post more pictures soon. Until then you can get a sneak-peak on my Instagram. I have something to share that excites me even more than the mountains. How could this be true you might ask? My good friend Dan Cumberland just released a quick (15 minute read time), punchy, inspiring, and free manifesto on doing Work with Meaning. If I look back on my year of travel, pilgrimage, and risking, a huge theme for me, maybe the theme for me has been finding work that matters. I want to be laboring towards something that excites me and has meaning, not spending my life doing something that I'm not connected to at a gut level. I'm convinced our lives are too short for anything less. I'm also convinced God is committed to helping you discover this, but that's for another time I suppose.

Dan has been a consistent ally in this search and I want him to be an ally for you too. No matter where you are I this process I guarantee you'll find something thought-provoking in his words. I urge you, clink on link below, read the manifesto, and join the Meaning Movement today.

As Dan says, "Your future self will thank me."

Get the manifesto here.



Ryan Moore