Travel Hacking to Bali & Beyond in 2 Easy Steps.

Make a break for Bali!   ||  📷 Ryan Moore

Make a break for Bali!   ||  📷 Ryan Moore

Oh Bali, you tropical paradise, land of world-class diving & surfing, tasty food, cheap thatched roof accommodation, & endless stunning beaches.

You can live well in Bali for $25/day.

What if you could fly to Bali for almost free? Then you could stay for 10 days and spend as little $250 per person, all expenses included—all while being in a tropical paradise.

Try spending that little in Hawaii for ten days.

It takes 80,000 miles to travel to Bali from North America. Here's how to get there using my easy Travel Hacking to Bali (And Beyond!) strategy:

  • First, get the United Airlines Explorer card and get it quick! Until September 2nd, you can earn 50,000 miles on United. Even after this offer expires, this card gives you 30,000 miles after completing the minimum spend.
  • Next, apply for the Chase Sapphire card. This card gives you 40,000 miles that you can transfer to your United Mileage account. This card requires you to spend $3,000 miles in three months.
  • Book your ticket to Bali! Combine the two above offers and you'll have 90,000 miles (with the current United offer) or 70,000 miles under normal circumstances.

80,000 is what it takes to get to Bali from North America and you just accomplished it in 6 months with zero annual fees or other charges (Assuming you've paid your balance in full each month on time).

Take a look at the Redemption Chart for United Airlines for lots of other places you can travel to here.


*You can keep those cards open and utilize their benefits if you like, but I always close them before I have to pay the annual fee.

**United is a member of The Star Alliance. It's a great airline network for getting to Asia. This network allows you to use your miles to redeem flights on any of their international carriers like top-rated Singapore Airlines and Thai Airlines. I never fly United internationally unless I have no other option since the other carriers offer much nicer in-flight service.

***I don't get receive payment of any kind for promoting these credit cards (though I wish I did!). I'm passionate about the benefits of travel and am on a mission to help make travel more affordable and accessible to you.