VIDEO: Good Friday Walk to Lindisfarne

Last year at this time my sister and I were walking barefoot across the sandy, muddy tidal flats to Lindisfarne. (See the original post with photos here) After a cold, snowy trek across most of Scotland, the sun broke through just in time for the traditional Good Friday pilgrimage. No picture or video can do it justice of course. This arrival on a foreign shore, walking so many miles towards a place only held in your imagination. And then to be there and smell the sea, feel the cold, hard sand under your feet, to look around at these new friends and hear the singing of hymns mix with the cry of gulls while the sun streams downward out of the clouds like a benediction.

These are moments that must be lived.

Please live them, no matter where you are. Sun and gulls and singing and the Spirit of God are not property of any one time or place or people, but are open to any who would seek them.

I share this video in part to inspire some pilgrims-to-be who might want to walk to Lindisfarne themselves someday. And also for those who for one reason or another may never make it there. This place called Lindisfarne exists and it is wonderful, even if from afar.


2013-03-29 12.21.31 from Ryan Moore on Vimeo.

This week-long pilgrimage with Northern Cross is also one of the least expensive weeks you can spend in the UK. This is an especially great value when you consider you get to see parts of the country most tourists never dream of, walking through picturesque roads, staying at churches, eating in people's homes. And (not least of all) meeting, real, live Scots and Brits.

The cost (as of 2014) is 180 British Pounds (~$300) for the entire week of food and lodging. Beer & whiskey is on you.

There are five different pilgrimage routes to choose from, ranging from family affairs to rather ridiculous off-trail routes covering 25+ miles per day.

The other option is that you can just join for the walk across the tidal flat on Good Friday. Then you can stay for Easter weekend if you so desire.

Lindisfarne itself is a stunning place to celebrate Easter. The services are just beautiful. And it feels so nice to rest and celebrate with everyone after the long walks.

Lastly, in case you missed it, Lori was the star of an article in a national newspaper (The Scotsman) who wrote an article on the pilgrimage to Lindisfarne.