What The Pilgrim Seeks

Along the Walker's Haute Route, Switzerland  || 📷 Ryan Moore

Along the Walker's Haute Route, Switzerland  || 📷 Ryan Moore

What makes Pilgrimage different than mere travel is the inner movement that propels one into the journey followed by the transformation that one undergoes as the trip unfolds. This transformation often culminates (though by no means ends) with the arrival at a sought after destination—usually after enduring hardships, trials, or testing of some sort—whether physical, psychological, or spiritual.

The Pilgrim is at heart a searcher.

This is not wandering, though wandering may be involved. This is not escapism, though there may indeed be things to escape from. This is not avoiding the real world—it is precisely the opposite. The Pilgrim seeks the Real and is not satisfied until they find it. Their real selves, the things that really matter in life, their real desires, the Real God.

Because of this Pilgrimage is a harrowing experience. Something must die. False ways of relating & perceiving are stripped away. Often our illusions of control are challenged—clung to—and then overturned. Things that seemed so important when first leaving are exposed as less-than-Real during the process of going and becoming.

What the Pilgrim seeks is an experience of Reality—and since the-most-Real-thing in all the cosmos is God and God's Kingdom—the Pilgrim is seeking this whether they are immediately aware of it or not.