Zagreb: My Croatian Home Away From Home


Sinking into the leather couch. Fizzy water and more coffee. Long talks about everything and nothing. Fast wi-fi. Fresh laundry. My own room (These are a traveller's dream). Not leaving the apartment much. Lunchtime chats followed by a nap. Walks around the neighborhood at dusk; people out and about. Movies with ice cream. Home-cooked meals around the table. Spaghetti with salad. Enchiladas with guacamole, tortilla chips, and spicy chipotle peppers. Garden-grown tomatoes. Lentil soup with bread and the spicy Croatian spread I just can't get enough of. Homemade crepes. Raddler (beer mixed with grapefruit juice: sounds weird, tastes great).

Questions from the boys: "What's your favorite country you've been to?" "Will you have enough money to get home?" "Can you stay another day?" Answers, "I can't decide, maybe, yes."

The gift of a home while far from home. Staying with old friends, so easy despite a decade gone by. What a joy to find there is a family not bound by distance or time or citizenship, but by a shared hope in an unseen kingdom.

travelRyan Moore